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The helicopter we operate for charter is a Robinson R 44, It has three window seats available providing excellent visibility for each passenger. There is however restricted space for baggage. We only operate during day light hours and in suitable weather conditions. Helicopters flown commercially have to adhere to a number of rules, these govern where we can fly, where we can land and where we can take off from. Landing and take-off sites have to meet certain criteria in terms of their size, suitability and proximity to dwellings and livestock. Land owners written permission is also required.

Our charter rate is £600 per flying hour plus expenses with one hour being the minimum charge. The helicopter is normally based at Newcastle Airport so charter time starts when the helicopter leaves the airport and finishes when the helicopter returns back to the airport. We only take bookings up to three months in advance.

When you are happy to make a firm booking we will take a non-refundable deposit of £100 to cover the planning work that our pilots need to do prior to the flight.

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