Charter Flights

What are Charter Flights?

Instant Charter Quotation

Charter flight to Bamburgh Castle in a Robinson R44 Charter flights from Northumbria Helicopters are a great way to travel in comfort and arrive in style at your destination, feeling refreshed and ready to go! Charter flights are a great way to travel long distances very quickly and also offer privacy, security, and an air of exclusivity, not available from other forms of transport.

Since you can travel long distances in a short period of time, multiple site visits in one day are easily achieved. Which is why this form of transport is becoming more and more popular for business travel.

Whether for business travel, private hire, or transport to a major sporting event, Northumbria Helicopters can provide you with a quality service, that is both friendly and efficient. And there are plenty of other reasons for choosing Charter Flights with Northumbria Helicopters over the many other forms of transport.

Prices start from £600 per hour. However, Charter Flights with Northumbria Helicopters are priced on an individual basis. Please contact us for a personal quote.

When Can You Use A Charter Flight?

Why Use Charter Flights?

  • Flexible 'door to door' service
  • Time saving
  • Private & exclusive
  • Enhanced security with private pick-up sites
  • Discreet service
  • Comfortable, arrive refreshed
  • Avoid traffic jams
  • No protracted airport check-in procedures
  • Air of exclusivity
  • Superb views while you travel
  • Arrive at destination in style
  • Multiple site visits in one day are easily achieved