The Team

The Team

Meet the Northumbria Helicopters Limited team.

Andrew Hutchinson Image

Andrew Hutchinson


Captain Andrew Hutchinson is Northumbria Helicopters' Chief pilot and Head of Training. Andrew has been flying helicopters since 2001 and has flown 10,400hrs, mostly doing Aerial application, Aerial fire fighting, load lifting and wire stringing. UK CPL, FAA CPL, Flight Instructor, Flight Examiner, Type Rating Examiner, Ground Examiner. Rated on R22, R44, R66 Cabri G2, H269c, B205, B206, B212, B214B, B214ST, AS350 and Sikorsky S61N.

Jess Sadler Image

Jess Sadler

Jess is Operations Director at Northumbria Helicopters and has worked for the business for over 4 years. Jess manages all Charter & Bespoke flights. When it comes to these, Jess prides herself on offering a friendly and efficient service and aims to make the journey of booking through to flying as stress free and seamless as possible.

Melissa Small Image

Melissa Small

Customer Contact Manager

Melissa has worked at Northumbria Helicopters for over 6 years and is based at our Newcastle International Airport office.

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Ronnie Kane

Safety Manager

Ronnie has worked for Northumbria Helicopters and Adventure 001 events for five years and is our Low Cat Aerodrome Fire and Rescue Supervisor and Safety Manager. When he is not at work you can find him enjoying time with his lovely family and occasionally fell walking.