The Team

The Team

Meet the Northumbria Helicopters Limited team.

Andrew Hutchinson Image

Andrew Hutchinson


Northumbria Helicopters, Chief pilot and Head of training. EASA CPL, FAA CPL, Flight Instructor, Flight Examiner, Type Rating Examiner, Ground Examiner. Rated on R22, R44, Cabri G2, H269c, B205, B206, B212, AS350 and Sikorsky S61N. Flying helicopters since 2001, 8250 hrs flown mostly doing Aerial application and load lifting.

James Hughes Image

James Hughes


James is our current resident flight instructor at Northumbria Helicopters, with five years of instructor experience with the Cabri. He is also one of our commercial pilots, flying commercially for the past eleven years. James has a background in aerospace engineering working on fast jets and in his spare time is a keen amateur photographer.

Raiyan Rawoof Image

Raiyan Rawoof


Hi, my name is Raiyan and I am a Commercial Pilot for Northumbria Helicopters and Adventure001. I started flying when I was 16. I have been flying helicopters for 9 years, all over the UK and have occasionally ventured into France for lunch! I fly 3 helicopter types - Bell 206, R66 and R44. My favourite is the Bell 206 as it is an incredibly smooth machine and has one of the best safety records. There is nothing quite like experiencing helicopter flight!

Mark O'Donnell Image

Mark O'Donnell

Commercial Helicopter Pilot / Instructor

This is Mark. He is one of our line pilots and instructors. With over 4000 hours Mark has flown many types of Helicopters including AW109, Bell 206, Long Ranger, Robinson family, G2 cabri and HU 260. Mark has a multi engine instrument rating meaning we can fly in all weathers.

Melissa Small Image

Melissa Small

Customer Contact Manager

Melissa has worked at Northumbria Helicopters for three years at our office in Newcastle. She loves the variety of the role and meeting new people. Recently married, she loves talking about everything wedding related, and her cat Luna!

Sarah Fletcher Image

Sarah Fletcher

Customer Contact

Sarah has worked for Northumbria Helicopters and Adventure 001 events for seven years both in the office at Newcastle, assisting customers with their bookings and on check-in during our pleasure flying events. Her work with us has ensured she is incredibly well traveled, assisting in events all over the UK from Cornwall to Dundee.

Ronnie Kane Image

Ronnie Kane

Safety Manager

Ronnie has worked for Northumbria Helicopters and Adventure 001 events for five years and is our Low Cat Aerodrome Fire and Rescue Supervisor and Safety Manager. When he is not at work you can find him enjoying time with his lovely family and occasionally fell walking.

Aneel Nana Image

Aneel Nana


Flight Instructor and Commercial Pilot for Northumbria Helicopters, Rated on Robinson R22, R44, Cabri G2 and Bell 206. 1800 hours in the UK and Europe.