Customer Testimonials

Here at Northumbria Helicopters, we receive a lot of positive feedback from our Trial Flight experience customers. So, if you're still not sure about coming to Northumbria Helicopters, why not read the testimonials below to hear about the fantastic experience our past customers have had with us?

Also, if you have recently taken a trial flight or pleasure flight with us, we'd love to hear from you about your experience. Simply fill in this form and we will get your comment added to the list of testimonials.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Leslie Baker

Enjoyed so much looking forward to another longer flight

Allison Gargett

Fab flight over too quickly would love to do again

J P Milburn

Had a really great helicopter flight with Northumbria Helicopters, excellent staff very warm welcome. Trevor my instructor was very knowledgeable and gave great tuition. Explaining helicopter flight including speed and height control, I flew, climbed and bank turned the helicopter. Also tried to hover at the end of the flight. Great day, great flight thoroughly enjoyable morning / experience.

David Worsfold

Just returned from my helicopter flying lesson with Northumbria Helicopters at Newcastle Airport. What a fantastic experience! I loved every minute of it. I was not expecting to take control of the helicopter so quickly. Within 5 or 6 minutes into the flight I had full control. I absolutely loved it. Thank you Claire Louise Worsfold for booking it for me and thanks to Aneel the pilot, a great guy. Thank you for an amazing experience.

Paul Etherington

I just wanted to express my gratitude for an amazing time during my trial lesson, from the moment I arrived I was made to feel relaxed and comfortable including a great cup of tea from Joshua, then the flight with Aneel was just breathtaking. Taking the controls was amazing as I now have a much deeper understanding of how a helicopter functions and an infinitely deeper respect for the pilots. Thank you so much again for an amazing experience!

Sebastian Hawkins

I had such an amazing day!

Carol Gould

I received a flight as a christmas gift from my children. I booked it for Easter Sunday morning. We were lucky with the weather and could see for miles and miles. The pilot provided a commentary throughout the flight on well known landmarks. I loved the experience and would recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much.

Helen Leach

This was a gift from my hubby for my 60th birthday. What a fantastic experience. From arriving there we were felt to feel at ease and our pilot Aneel Nana was brilliant. The whole half hour was special with Aneel pointing out all the landmarks. Thanks again Aneel and Northumbria Helicopters would highly recommend.

Bob Thomson

"I flew gliders from the age of 12 till 20+. Spent 20 years overseas and was on a commercial jet every second day of my life, been everywhere you can think of. I casually mentioned to my partner that I had spent my life in airports and flying all over the World, but had never been in a helicopter. She got me a flight as a birthday present. The BEST thing I have done in years and I don''t have a boring life). Absolutely loved it. God, I am so going to do this again, but much longer next week-end hopefully). I''m on the website checking my options already. Brilliant guys, thank you."

Fraser Wilson

My Grannie bought me a pleasure flight for my 13th Birthday. It was absolutely fantastic and the guys at Northumbria Helicopters are great. Thanks again for a brilliant birthday experience!

Hilton Davison

"My family bought me this for my birthday and retirement, I thought the whole experince was brilliant, my son and 2 grandsons also enjoyed the flight, would definatly recommend....and would definatly do again....thank you everyone..."

Bryan McEwen

"I had a trial flying lesson on Friday 14th June. This was a gift from my wife. Thank you). The entire team were warm and friendly. As for the flight in the R22....Brilliant. If you are thinking of the perfect gift, look no further."

Aln Hambley

Totally exhilarating.The helicopter ride was fantastic. The helicopter was new and clean and the pilot was informative and witty. The ground crew were professional and friendly. Would definitely do it again and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Jackie Johnson

Just to thank everyone involved for a truly amazing experience so professional and well organised would recommend this to anyone...THANK YOU, J Johnson

Dale Donald

"After taking a trial lesson at Northumbria Helicopters, I decided to go on to complete my PPLH) with them, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. I found that the instructors were both professional and friendly, and they always made sure I was getting as much as possible out of every lesson, and making the most of my money. They were always happy to reschedule my lessons if the weather wasn't spot on, and I never felt any pressure to fly when I didn't want to. The atmosphere at the school was very relaxed and personal, the aircraft were clean and well maintained, and the rates were extremely competitive with no hidden costs. The slots allotted by the school were an hour and a half, which left plenty of time for briefings and pre-flight, and meant that there was no rush to get things done once in the air. I found that their location at Newcastle International provided an excellent balance between flying in controlled and uncontrolled airspace: allowing me to quickly build up my radio skills and get used to operating with air traffic control when around the airport, but also having the quieter skies above Northumberland, just north of the airport, meant that my training wasn''t interrupted by other traffic. Training was also available over at Carlisle airport, which is smaller and less busy, and meant that I could spend a session working on circuits or hover work without the disruption of the big jets and the international traffic at Newcastle, which was very handy indeed. I would highly recommend Northumbria Helicopters to anyone looking to get a PPLH or even just a trial lesson!"

Sharon Hunter

"I have always wanted to experience a helicopter flight and as the day approached I was so excited, and a little nervouse that it might not live up to my expectations. I need not have been worried because I had an absolutely wonderful experience, everyone was so friendly and helpful and the actual flight was brilliant. So much so that I now want to learn to fly. Thank you so much to everyone you made my day."

Neil Stott

"My wife bought this flight as a birthday gift. My son came along for the experience and I can honestly say what an experience it was from start to finish. My whole family were made welcome on arrival even our dog. The weather was absolutely perfect, we were able to get some fantastic photographs and videos both on the ground and in the air. I would recommend this to anybody it was worth every penny and I am sure I will be booking up again!"

Chris Lyle

"As a fixed wing commercial pilot i came to northumbria helicopters in order to revalidate my atpl[h] that had lapsed. a course was quickly put together to reflect my previous experience,at a very competitive price. guidance with the caa paperwork requirements was also freely and enthusiastically given. the level of instruction perfecly suited me being taylored around my abilities. a very professional and welcoming organisation,that i highly recommend"

Leo Nelson

That was amazing! Although a scary thought of being in control the staff are brilliant and it truely was an experience to remember. Just wish I could afford my own!!! Thanks for a great afternoon!

Darren Smith

Had the half hour trial lesson and loved it. I want to do more as it is addictive.